ACG members make the products we use every day. Protection for their investment and creativity supports UK growth and safeguards consumers. Get real - say no to fakes!


ACG's members are under constant attack from the counterfeiting of their genuine products. We have been working since 1980 to raise awareness of this serious organised crime. The trade in fakes has never been more prolific, mainly because of the exponential rise in counterfeiting activities on the internet in recent years. It is now a global epidemic, posing major threats to consumers and national economies, and funding other crimes such as drugs, guns and people smuggling. Interpol has also reported evidence of links to terrorist organisations, in the Middle East and elsewhere.


Counterfeit wine leads to loss of licence

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Counterfeit goods harm people and the economy

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Sellers of fake goods must sell home

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Wembley Market trader receives community order

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World IP Day - 26.04.14


Details to follow.

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World Anti-Counterfeiting Day - 05.06.14


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TSI Consumer Affairs & Trading Standards Conference & Exhibition 2014

30/06/2014 - 03/07/2014, Harrogate International Centre

The TSI annual Conference is the leading event in the field of consumer affairs and trading

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