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A Snapshot of ACG and what we do HERE!

'About ACG' video

ACG represents the voice of business in shaping an effective deterrent to counterfeiting in the UK

'ACG Intelligence Co-ordination' video

Intelligence coordination covers the collection, development and sharing of intelligence to allow the right decisions to be made to combat counterfeiting.

'Fighting the fakes in Camden Market'video:

Short film about partnership working.

'ACG Strategy' video

We aim to ensure that ACG continues to be the leading voice of business, in shaping more effective deterrents to counterfeiting.

Who We Are

  • a not for profit trade association
  • founded in the UK in 1980 with just 18 brand owners
  • governed by a Council of elected members
  • recognised as a leading authority on the worldwide trade in fakes
  • now representing around 160 organisations globally

What We Do

ACG represents the interests of UK and international companies, manufacturing practically everything you can think of, from toothpaste to mobile phones, chocolate to car parts. Our membership also includes lawyers, trade mark agents and brand protection specialists, creating a unique environment for anti-counterfeiting interests to flourish and collaborate.

Via our lobbying, networking and awareness activities, ACG campaigns against the trade in fakes on behalf of consumers and legitimate business interests, in partnership with government and law enforcement agencies, and other rights organisations. Our ultimate aim is to change society's perception of counterfeiting as a harmless activity, by exposing the worldwide economic and social cost of intellectual property crime. Link to remit.

Why it Matters

Counterfeiting is a serious organised crime and those fighting it need to collaborate and share information and experience as much as possible. Industry's investment and creativity is under global attack.Manufacturers, and the many specialists who provide services to them, need to be able to co-operate effectively with each other and act together with law enforcement agencies, outside of their normally competitive environments. This is where ACG comes in! Link to Join ACG

Intelligence Sharing

Provision of actionable intelligence and good preparation of evidence help to ensure that cases are accepted for prosecution, and counterfeiting is recognised as an ideal crime to investigate, leading as it does to other serious organised crime, with many of the same players involved. ACG's Intelligence Co-ordinator is helping our members to raise their profile within the law enforcement community and improving the evidence base for our lobbying and awareness activities.