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ACG partners with other organisations wherever possible, including individual members where appropriate, to ensure that we achieve maximum impact, both in the UK and at European level.

In the UK

ACG is a member of the Alliance for Intellectual Property an ‘association of associations’ founded in 1998. Rights owners from all industry sectors affected by IP crime are represented, from music and video to computer games, software and of course manufactured goods of all kinds.

At European Level

ACG is a member of the Anti–Counterfeiting Committee of the European Brands Association (AIM) in Brussels. Our DG attends meetings there twice a year and works constantly to support the drive to improve and harmonise EU law and practice in relation to the enforcement of IP rights.


ACG's media work is conducted mainly in partnership with other organisations such as the IPO and individual law enforcement agencies, or in response to direct approaches from journalists and TV producers. ACG and its members have worked closely with the producers of the long–running popular series ‘Fake Britain’ for example.

Networking & Training

One of ACG's most important functions is to provide effective liaison between law enforcement and rights holders/their advisers. Mindful of budgets and the training needs of members and law enforcement, we are focussing more on practical events including our IP Masterclasses at the IP Protect Expo. Our Intellectual Property Roadshows are held all round the UK and Ireland, at least three times a year. Enforcement officers attend to visit members' stands and learn more about how to spot fakes. Speakers provide practical updates and we invite local contacts, including companies who might be interested in ACG membership.