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Have you bought a counterfeit?

How to report fake goods or counterfeit products Which? Consumer Rights

Action Fraud Report Fraud and Internet Crime

Report it to trading standards

Citizens Advice consumer helpline 03454 04 05 06 

How to be safe online

Links to Consumer Awareness Information & Guidance for ACG Members' Brands:


Canon Europe Limited

Jack Wills

Tangle Teezer Limited

UK Intellectual Property Office videos: IP BASICS - IP made easy

'Cracking Ideas' is a web based education resource featuring Wallace and Gromit. The resource was developed by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) in partnership with Aardman Animations. Link to website here

Electrical Safety First! Christmas shoppers are at risk as counterfeiters turn to social media to sell their fake electrical goods: Avoid a Counterfeit Christmas

Bad Elf - The Movie!

Not everyone is as nice as you... The Twelve Online Frauds of Christmas

Safety tips from the Toy Industries of Europe (TIE) to avoid buying counterfeits.

Suspect it? Report it! Campaign, shows untested, unregulated illegal tobacco being sold in an open marketplace. Every sale these criminals make threatens the livelihoods of legitimate retailers and costs the Government millions of pounds in lost tax which could help fund local amenities. Video 1 - Illicit trade at local markets Video 2 - Illicit trade damages local communities Video 3 - General impact of illicit trade

What is cheap or illegal tobacco?

Video warns people fake cigarettes can kill

Arsenic, dead flies, dust what is in a counterfeit cigarette

Buying counterfeit goods online. What are the risks? 10 ECC-Net tips on how you can avoid buying fake products on the internet HERE

Counterfeit Cosmetics & Perfumes: Advice from the CTPA (Cosmetic Toiletry & Perfumery Association)

Counterfeit Goods: Advice from PIPCU (Police IP Crime Unit)

The Content Map: A safe and reliable guide of legal digital services. If you are unsure where to find an e-book or film to download, a music album or video game to stream, catch-up on TV, or where to watch popular sporting events, The Content Map will help you access legal content online by providing a comprehensive list of legitimate websites.

Copycat websites: Advice from The National Trading Standards e-Crime Unit
A public information film warning consumers about the problems of copycat websites and advice on how to avoid them.

INTERPOL counterfeit medicines campaign

EU logo for online sale of medicines - avoid buying counterfeits! here

Beware of Counterfeit Drugs - help and advice available from Bayer HealthCare here

Fake Medicines Advice: Every day, fake medicines find their way into online and physical pharmacies, hospitals, and street markets. This plague knows no borders. In the best case scenario, fake medicines leave patients with no side-effects but also without a cure. In many other cases, however, they can kill people. Read more...

Are you savvy about counterfeit medications? Travel Health Journal advice here

Electrical Safety First advice about electrical goods

Electrical Safety First Charley Says - Don't buy dodgy electrical products!

Electrical Safety First Clueless Colin discovers the dangers of cheap e-cigarette chargers

Electrical Safety First 'Don't Kill Your Phone' infographic

Which? Counterfeit phone Chargers

Counterfeit Kills is a hub for information and guidance on the problems caused by counterfeit and non-compliant electrical installation products.
link to website

Simple ways to spot a counterfeit plug or fuse Here (British Standards Institution website)

Have you received an item from eBay that you believe to be counterfeit? Advice available here

Organized crime starts with money, don't let it be yours... part of the Interpol 'Turn Back Crime' series of videos here

Why you should not buy counterfeit ink cartridges! Link to ICCE (Imaging Consumables Coalition of Europe) video here

How to identify a counterfeit ink cartridge here

Organised Crime Task Force

Organised Crime Task Force - Counterfeit Goods information

The real price of fake goods - EU Commission video