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ACG meet the new Minister for IP

Jo Johnson Minister for IPAlison Statham, Director General at the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) took part in a roundtable discussion with Jo Johnson last week. Mr Johnson, the new Minister for Intellectual Property (IP) was keen to hear from leading associations, like ACG on; issues and concerns about the UK leaving the European Union (EU), IP enforcement and other IP related topics.

Alison explained that the ACG is currently reviewing more than 300 pieces of EU legislation that impact its member brands and would be meeting with the IPO to input ACG policy requirements later this year. She also highlighted the importance of continued cross border cooperation and stressed that UK borders must be secured against counterfeit goods.

In addition, Mr Jonson was made aware of ACG’s continuing concern around enforcement funding and priorities. The impact of local authority funding cuts on trading standards’ services has been exposed in the recent National Audit Office report.

Mr Johnson concluded the meeting by thanking everyone for their contributions and stressed he was always available to speak about any particular issues. The ACG will be taking Mr Johnson up on his ‘open door’ offer.