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Latest News - Alcohol

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Shop employee has been fined for selling counterfeit vodka

18 September 2018

The resident said the drink had a weird smell and chemical taste

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Annual IP crime and enforcement report: 2017 to 2018

06 September 2018

Highlighting current and emerging counterfeiting and piracy threats in the UK and overseas. Including Trading Standards successful IP cases.

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Gangsters are flooding Britain with fake goods...

20 August 2018

Cuts to the number of officials patrolling the borders is allowing organised gangs to smuggle fake goods into Britain unchecked.

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50,000 websites found to be selling counterfeit goods, Action Fraud reveals

05 July 2018

Many of the websites contain harmful viruses and malware too, which could leave you at risk of being defrauded.

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08 June 2018

These figures form part of a cycle of research work focused on counterfeit consumer goods, carried out by the EUIPO over the past 5 years.

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Over 400,000 direct jobs are lost in 13 economic sectors due to the presence of counterfeits

07 June 2018

The EUIPO has released a new report, compiling research since 2013, to present a comprehensive and updated picture of the scope and impact of IP rights (IPR) infringement in the EU. In particular, it emphasises the value of IP rights for EU economies and firms, the increasing sophistication and diversification of counterfeiters, and the impact of IPR infringement to the EU.

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TED Talk: How fake handbags fund terrorism and organized crime

31 January 2018

What's the harm in buying a knock-off purse or a fake designer watch? According to counterfeit investigator Alastair Gray, fakes like these fund terrorism and organized crime. Learn more about the trillion-dollar underground economy of counterfeiting -- from the criminal organizations that run it to the child labor they use to produce its goods -- as well as measures you can take to help stop it. "Let's shine a light on the dark forces of counterfeiting that are hiding in plain sight," Gray says.

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Kent County Council Trading Standards seize counterfeit goods

15 December 2017

The figures, which have been released in the run up to Christmas, show the produce would have been worth almost £9 million if it made it to the market.

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Christmas shoppers in West Dunbartonshire warned over buying counterfeit gifts

14 December 2017

As more and more Christmas shopping is done online, shoppers are being warned to make sure online sites are legitimate...

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Belfast Liverpool Supporters' Club fined for selling fake Smirnoff vodka

13 December 2017

They said that analysis of the vodka found that it was not authentic Smirnoff as the sample did not contain the appropriate sugar markers for Smirnoff vodka and could therefore not be described as such.

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