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Ways to avoid counterfeits on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

20 November 2017

This years’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday is fast approaching and consumers need to be on their guard to ensure they don’t get caught out by fake goods. The value of counterfeit products coming into the UK was worth nearly £9.3 billion, according to a report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)*.

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Modern slavery is the latest shocking development which has become linked to counterfeit crime

19 November 2017

Police believe many of the immigrants working in the warren of shops and warehouses across Strangeways have been brought to the UK specifically to work in the counterfeit trade. And without the proper papers entitling them to their rights, it is feared they are being exploited.

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Fake designer goods with a street value of more than £300,000 seized in Newcastle

17 November 2017

Nationally, counterfeit goods cost the UK economy more than £17bn a year and last year destroyed an estimated 72,000 jobs in this country.

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How to spot fake electrical goods this Black Friday

16 November 2017

Firefighters are warning consumers to shop carefully on Black Friday (November 24) and avoid fake electrical products as they present a serious fire risk. Research carried out by the charity Electrical Safety First revealed that an estimated nine million UK consumers have purchased a fake electrical product as a Christmas gift in the past.

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Shoppers warned to watch out for fake goods on Black Friday

15 November 2017

FIREFIGHTERS are warning consumers to shop carefully on Black Friday November 24 and avoid fake electrical products which pose a serious fire risk. Black Friday falls during the national Fire Kills Electrical Safety Week from November 20-26 and is a retail bonanza which encourages people to shop for a festive bargain.

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Grimsby counterfeit designer gear seller in Court

23 October 2017

A 'foolish' delivery driver who sold fake designer labels including Michael Kors handbags and UGG boots on Facebook for as little as £30 has been convicted.

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Warning after dangerous counterfeit mobile phones seized in Staffordshire

12 October 2017

Counterfeit mobile phones with potentially dangerous chargers have been seized in Staffordshire by County Council Trading Standards officers. Hundreds of fake Nokia 3310 phones were seized from an industrial unit in East Staffordshire and a property in Newcastle following a tip off to Trading Standards officers. The Nokia 3310 is a reissue and updated model from 2000 and retails legitimately from around £50 to £70. Counterfeit versions of the phone are being sold at £15 and less.

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New campaign warns ‘there’s more at stake when it’s a fake’

25 September 2017

The campaign highlights the many consequences of buying counterfeit goods online. One of the main consequences of buying counterfeit goods on websites, social media and online is identity crime. When buying items, people will part with personal details such as their address and financial information which allows fraudsters to set-up new websites selling counterfeit goods in their name.

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Identity stolen after buying counterfeit shoes

24 September 2017

Emily's identity was stolen and fake websites were set up in her name to sell more counterfeit goods after she bought shoes.

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