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Latest News - POCA - Proceeds Of Crime Act confiscation order

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Beware, that counterfeit Christmas gift could be funding modern slavery

20 December 2019

Buying counterfeit Christmas gifts has much wider implications than many imagine. Eighty-three per cent of all fakes come from South East Asia and are the result of workers, including children, held in some of the world’s worst sweatshop factories.

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Dodgy dealer told to pay £6,000 for flogging fake designer clothes at Dagenham Sunday Market

13 December 2019

Trading standards officers seized 436 items of clothing with Ralph Lauren and Nike logos including jumpers, t-shirts and tracksuits.

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Shoppers warned about dangerous counterfeit goods

10 December 2019

Budgets are stretched and stores are selling out, so some shoppers might be tempted to look at cheaper versions available online or in the high street. But this is also where counterfeit traders are taking advantage and cashing in.

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True cost of so-called bargains

09 December 2019

In recent years, trading standards officers across the region have seized millions of pounds worth of fake goods.

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How to protect yourself from Black Friday scams

20 November 2019

Scammers are finding new ways to deprive you of your hard earned money throughout the year. But shoppers impatiently searching for bargains on Black Friday next week will have con artists rubbing their hands with glee.

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Counterfeit goods postmaster ordered to pay back £750,000 or face five more years in prison

21 August 2019

The court accepted that in total, the business had generated £1.75 million in illegal turnover.

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Dorset Council Trading Standards team honoured with ACG award

20 August 2019

Dorset Council Trading Standards team were presented with their ACG Award for Excellence in Anti-Counterfeiting yesterday in Dorchester.

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ACG recognise work of North Lanarkshire TS Officer

09 August 2019

On Tuesday 6 August Phil Lewis, ACG Director General travelled to Motherwell in Scotland to present Anne Marie Spalding with an ACG Award for excellence in anti-counterfeiting enforcement.

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Police seize £4million of fake sports gear during huge raid in Strangeways

17 July 2019

More than 90 officers and staff executed a planned warrant at Lawrence House

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