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Latest News - Organised crime

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World Anti-Counterfeiting Day: Highlighting the Soaring $464 Billion Global Trade in Fake Products

06 June 2023

Every year in June, ACG and partner organisations worldwide commemorate World Anti-Counterfeiting Day. It is a day to increase efforts to raise awareness and take greater action to tackle the global trade in fake products, which is now worth a staggering $464 billion USD.

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Cheetham Hill: Nine arrested in anti-counterfeit goods raids

21 July 2022

Nine people have been arrested after a series of police raids targeting people selling counterfeit goods.

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Council boss 'doesn't have powers' to shut down Oxford Street candy shops

13 July 2022

Around £600,000 of counterfeit and unsafe goods have been seized from Oxford Street

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ACG exposing the truth behind counterfeiting on Channel 5 Programme

11 January 2022

Today, Channel 5 aired episode 20 of the Shoplifters & Scammers: At War with the Law programme. This episode saw an undercover team head to Bovingdon Market to see if an organised crime gang behind fake goods are back and up to their old tricks.

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ACG Goes Live on BBC Crime Watch

22 September 2021

This morning The Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) Director General, Phil Lewis took his turn in the spotlight as he appeared as a special guest on the real-life crime programme.

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ACG's World Anti-Counterfeiting Day message to consumers

08 June 2021

The clear message from ACG to consumers on World Anti-Counterfeiting Day 2021 is, if you want to help rebuild our economy and safeguard your families don't buy into organised crime, it will only bring longs term harm and misery.

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Social media: Operation CLOVER takes down prolific traders in counterfeit goods this Easter

26 March 2021

As COVID19 restrictions ease in the UK, shoppers are not only looking to buy chocolate eggs over the holiday but also gifts for their family or friends. The Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG), Facebook and the UK Intellectual Property Office's Intelligence Hub are joining forces in another collaborative campaign,

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Podcast: ‘Online Fights' with ACG and Trademark Now

25 March 2021

Phil Lewis, Director General of the Ant-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) was the special guest on this week's Trademark Now's podcast which is co-hosted by Gökcen Uzer Cengelci and Craig Bailey. Episode 9: ‘Online Fights' from the series ‘Talkin' Marks' covers the possible strategies to combat both the act of counterfeiting and the counterfeiters behind it.

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The Interview: Anti-Counterfeiting Group Director General, Phil Lewis

08 March 2021

From tearing apart families to crippling friendships, jobs, education and people's mental health, the harmful toll of the Covid-19 virus on lives and livelihoods cannot be overstated. And yet, despite the hardships, counterfeit criminal gangs are seeking to capitalise on the challenging situation; exploiting the changing needs and habits of locked-down shoppers and diverting vital funds away from legitimate businesses at a time they need it most.

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Counterfeiters have lowest morals and no conscience

21 January 2021

The pandemic has given rise to massive increases in COVID-19 related counterfeiting. Since counterfeiters have the lowest morals and conscience and are committed to taking advantage of anyone, in any situation, it won't surprise you to read that they're selling and making profit from counterfeit COVID-19 vaccines.

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