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ACG Awards 2022

ACG Members and Enforcement colleagues are invited to nominate candidates for this years' ACG Awards for Excellence in Anti-Counterfeiting.  

These awards recognise exceptional achievements in anti-counterfeiting during the preceding year, and provide a great opportunity to encourage public awareness of the vital part which trading standards and local enforcement play in the fight against the trade in fakes. 

THE DEADLINE FOR NOMINATIONS via the online forms is 9:00am Tuesday 13 May 2022

There are four award categories:

1. Trading Standards Officer Award (The Dave Hankinson Trophy)

For an individual Trading Standards Officer who has on a personal basis, contributed significantly to the anti-counterfeiting effort e.g. making the most of scarce resources, or for a job exceptionally well done, or a contribution “above and beyond the call of duty”. Nomination form here

2. Trading Standards Department Award

For a Trading Standards Department or Team with a consistently high level of success or commitment. Nomination form here

3. Individual Special Commendation Award (Police, Border Force and HMRC, government or overseas enforcement agencies)

For an individual working in enforcement agencies such as police or customs (HMRC/Border Force) and/or overseas agencies. Nomination form here

4. Department Special Commendation Award (Police, Border Force and HMRC, government or overseas enforcement agencies)

For departments, teams or divisions in the police, customs (both HMRC and Border Force), government and/or overseas enforcement agencies, for their contribution to the anti-counterfeiting effort. Nomination form here


What time period does the awards cover?

The nomination should be made relating to achievements in the preceding year i.e. 2021.

Who is eligible for a TS award?

The awards were introduced by ACG to mark the implementation of the duty placed on local authorities to enforce the criminal provisions of the Trade Marks Act 1994.

Who can submit nominations?

Nominations for any category may be made by ACG members and by Heads of Service in Trading Standards departments.  More than one candidate can be nominated by each individual, but separate forms must be used for each nomination, unless it is in respect of the same operation or case.

Who makes the decisions?

All the nominations received are put to a committee of ACG members, representing most of the main industry sectors of ACG’s membership affected by counterfeiting in the UK - clothing/footwear, perfume, watches, and luxury goods. 

What special factors are considered?

When the contribution to tackle anti-counterfeiting is made despite the difficult circumstances, such as cutbacks in resource, difficult working conditions, the scale of an operation, multi-agency cooperation or other specific impacts in the area/country of operation.

Are all nominations given equal weight whether they are from a company or from a TS Department?

Yes, they are.  However, the committee will be particularly influenced by nominations from a local authority if an ACG member(s) also supports the nomination.

What criteria do they use?

Factors which are regarded as important by the Committee and which have been influential in previous years include: 

  • The number of cases taken and goods seized based on the experience of ACG members. (The very valuable work done in respect of CDs, computer software and videos, while extremely important, will not carry so much weight when considering nominations if, for example, the Awards Committee knows that ACG members have had few dealings with the nominee concerned).
  • The outcome of cases looking at the overall picture and not, for example, the level of penalties imposed (which is outside the control of TS).
  • In the individual awards, the Committee looks at individuals who by their efforts have made a difference in their own area.  This may be by working unsocial hours, or by turning round a department’s attitude to IPR enforcement by their own hard work.
  • In the departmental awards, the Committee looks for a whole team which works together well, with effective results.
  • Spreading the message is regarded as very important and, if applicable, reference to educational and 'awareness' activities e.g. with school children, local councillors, or the media should be included.
  • Working with other agencies will be taken into account, for example a good relationship with the local police, or with Customs (HMRC/Border Force).
  • Good working relationships with brand owners e.g. during the conduct of a case, or keeping them informed of the outcome.
  • Following best practice in the way that cases are pursued and evidence collected.
  • Consistency of help and support over a period of time is another important factor.
  • A key concern for the Committee is that the basis for every nomination is relevant to the interests of the membership as a whole.

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