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What we do

The ACG is recognised as one of the most active and highly respected organisations in the fight against counterfeiting.

We work with Government and enforcement bodies to provide an effective response to counterfeiting. 

Political outreach and lobbying:
We play a key role in advising national and local government, actively engaging with ministers, their advisors and civil servants, to influence policy development and set out policy solutions to improve protection and enforcement. Our policy recommendations are backed by sound research evidence and experience. 

Intelligence sharing:
We act as a trusted conduit of information and intelligence sharing between the brands and enforcement partners. This has enabled us to coordinate effective multi-agency raid actions and help in the use of alternative procedures and legislation.

Improving engagement and networking:
Throughout the year we generate opportunities for brand protection professionals, trading standards, border force and law enforcement officers to engage and network at intellectual property conferences, seminars, training days and meetings.

Increasing awareness and understanding:
Working with other agencies we promote wider public awareness and understanding of the dangers and cost of counterfeiting to society and the economy, and of the ultimate link to organised crime and terrorism.

Intelligence coordination:
By collecting, developing and sharing intelligence the right decisions to combat counterfeiting will be made. The ACG Intelligence Co-ordinator supports members in raising their profile with law enforcement and growing our evidence base.

About ACG

ACG represents more than 3,000 brands affected by this influx of fakes into the UK and delivers an international network of information, advice and contacts on all aspects of IP protection. Working with Government and law enforcement agencies since 1980, ACG is focused on providing an effective and sustained response to counterfeiting.

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Join now!

Membership with the ACG is the best way to work with government and enforcement bodies to protect your brand. Our Roadshows and training days help you reach out to police, trading standards and border force officers and tell them about your genuine products.

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