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ACG announces award winners

01 July 2020

Today, British Intellectual Property Day, the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) has announced the winners of this year’s ACG Awards for Excellence in Anti-Counterfeiting.

The awards were introduced by ACGin 1994 to recognise some of excellent enforcement work that is happening in the fight against the trade in counterfeit goods. Candidates are nominated for three different categories; individual, department and special commendation and an awards panel determine the worthy winners.

The ACG Awards 2020 winners are:

Dave Hankinson Memorial Award for Individual Excellence in Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement

Winner: Mohammed Tariq (Birmingham Trading Standards, CENTSA RIT and Ealing Trading Standards)
Tariq has initiated over 40 raid actions for ACG members in a 12 month period and is central to the success of OP BEORMA. Tariq also leads the Ealing Trading Standards response to Intellectual Property (IP) crime tackling notorious areas such as Charles House in Southall.

Highly Commended: Matthew Knowles (Camden Trading Standards)
Matthew has been developing a strategy alongside ACG to mitigate the threat of product counterfeiting in Camden. Monthly raid actions with members and additional intelligence development targeting the supply chain has led to multiple raids and seizures, storage facilities identified, target hardening measures implemented and over eight prosecutions initiated.

Highly Commended: Andrew Scully (Caerphilly County Borough Council Trading Standards)
Andrew has worked tirelessly to keep IP on the agenda at Caerphilly County Borough Council Trading Standards and carried out numerous investigations and actions for ACG members.

Departmental Award for Excellence in Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement

Winner: Barking and Dagenham Trading Standards
A special mention to Cenred Elworthy and Rob Hardy. Baking and Dagenham has continued to conduct numerous IP crime investigations on behalf of ACG member brands. One led to the recovery of over 60,000 counterfeit products from a self-storage facility and was instrumental in creating the ACG’s OP BAROLO initiative. Cenred and Robert are at the heart of this work and their painstaking efforts to reduce the impact of IP crime in the UK benefits consumers, businesses and the ACG community.
Highly Commended: Public Protection Unit, Liverpool City Council
Liverpool TS have been reduced in number over the last few years due to government cuts, but have proven that through a collaborative approach you can still achieve some great results. With a small team they have conducted numerous IP crime investigations leading to the recovery of thousands of counterfeit and illicit products impacting on a number of ACG members.
Highly Commended: Falkirk Council Trading Standards Team
Falkirk Council Trading Standards is a small service but has made significant contribution in the prevention and detection of intellectual property crime in the Falkirk area and the UK. This has been done by means of conventional enforcement work in the field of intellectual property and also by adapting to the ever evolving consumer landscape. Therefore ensuring that there is an increase in awareness of local residents to the risks of buying counterfeit goods through use of Falkirk Councils' digital and social media and local news publications.
Highly Commended: Ealing Trading Standards
The team at Ealing Trading Standards work tirelessly to protect consumers and legitimate business from counterfeiters selling fake and often dangerous products. Multi agency raid actions in the notorious area known as Charles House have led to numerous prosecutions and seizures of these counterfeit goods. Ealing TS promote an inclusive partnership approach which is highly valued by ACG and our members. 

Special Commendation Award for Excellence in Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement
Awarded to:
T/DS Daryl Fryatt – Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)
Daryl’s arrival at PIPCU in 2018 sparked a new level of work that brands have been waiting for; with a focus on high level targets, arrests, remand applications and financial investigations. He is consistently enthusiastic and dynamic, welcoming referrals, even at busy times for his team. Daryl has led the way on identifying best evidential practice in relation to the seizure and storage of high volumes of evidence, moving away from the antiquated and inefficient practice of victims arranging for their own storage. He has also looked to bring more covert resources into play, thereby extending the reach of the team to more organised importers of counterfeit goods.
James Brewster – Border Force, National Fast Parcel Targeting
James supported ACG members to tackle a large counterfeit network, determined exactly who was responsible for specific imports and successfully linked infringing shipments to traders and seized their products. He even travelled to London for a stakeholder meeting with the police to plan how to execute a highly successful enforcement action against the network. His vigilance and dedication has paid off and the intelligence his team are able to provide has been key in a number of important investigations.
Milton Keynes Border Force
This newly formed Border Force team in Milton Keynes Inland Pre-Clearance have made 27 large freight seizures in their first 12 months with a genuine ‘seizure’ figure amount of £14,982,514. An amazing result in the ‘protection of genuine’ goods.

ACG Special Award for Excellence in Anti-Counterfeiting Enforcement
Awarded to:
Metropolitan Police Southall Safer Neighbourhood Team
Over the last 12 months this Police Team have supported ACG members and Ealing TS to raid premises and seize tens of thousands of counterfeit goods from a notorious area called Charles House, Southall. This is a hostile area made up of several industrial estates, much of which is operated by criminal gangs selling all sorts of illicit products. The Police team led by PS Guy Rooney, provide additional support and resource to TS during raids and without their support most, if not all, of the raid actions in the area would not take place.
Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)
Referrals have been handled with urgency and enthusiasm. PIPCU's perseverance to follow up the chain of command within the counterfeit region in Cheetham Hill has reassured our member brands that PIPCU is a committed partner that will strive to eliminate the issue of counterfeits in Cheetham Hill.
CENTSA RIT, Birmingham TS and NTS Intelligence Team (joint award) - OP BEORMA
Op BEORMA is a joint NTS and NMG operation targeting serious and organised IP criminals responsible for huge imports of fake goods into the UK and sales at both on-line at physical market places. This complex operation led by the CENTSA RIT together with Birmingham Trading Standards and the National Trading Standards Intelligence Team has led to nearly 50 direct enforcement actions, the identification of previously unknown OCG’s and the recovery of several million pounds worth of counterfeit goods.
Powys Trading Standards - OP LAMONT
Over the last two years Powys TS, led by Clive Jones, has developed an investigation into serious and organised criminals involved in the large scale supply of counterfeit cigarettes. Tens of thousands of illicit and counterfeit goods have been seized worth millions of pounds. Several arrests have been made causing huge disruption to these OCG’s.

Special ACG Award for Services: Stewart Dews, PUMA
Stewart Dews has represented the interests of Puma and has been a friend of the ACG for many years. A stalwart professional he is at the forefront of his profession often guiding young brand protection officers in the complex world of IP enforcement. Stewart retired this year and this award is to recognise his personal and professional achievements. We wish him and his family a happy retirement.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Chief Constable Giles York, Sussex Police  
Chief Constable Giles York took on the role as ACPO Police Chief lead for IP in 2007 and since then has chaired the national IP Crime Group (IPCG). A charismatic leader and all round ‘good guy’ Giles has steered the IPCG to many successes and raised awareness amongst law enforcement and government as to the threats from IP crime and linked criminality. He retires this year and this award is presented to mark this milestone and reward him for his support, guidance and friendship to ACG over the last 13 years. We wish him and his family well in their retirement.

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