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ACG celebrate British IP Day

01 July 2020

British IP DayWednesday July 1, 2020 marks the 5th annual British IP day and, together with our members, ACG is delighted to celebrate the contribution that intellectual property makes in protecting the ingenuity, creativity and productivity of the world’s finest innovators and brands.

During the COVID19 crisis, businesses across the world have been under enormous pressures. But in the face of such adversity we have once again witnessed the resourcefulness of inventors and designers to find new and innovative responses to the pandemic, whilst helping to drive and maintain the prosperity of the UK economy.

Unfortunately, alongside this huge effort we have also witnessed the callous behaviour of counterfeiters, who have used the pandemic to boost their incomes for use in other forms of illicit trafficking. By selling fake COVID-related items such as face masks, hand sanitisers, testing kits and even useless anti-virus remedies.

Our precious enforcement resources have been under huge pressure to combat the wave of counterfeit items as consumers have been forced to use more online services, which have been infiltrated and used criminal fakers and fraudsters to sell all manner of bogus goods.  We have even seen notorious markets opening up, while legitimate outlets have been forced to close their doors.

The health crisis has had a wide and perilous impact and those who help to protect business and consumers have needed all the support we can offer. In the past few months ACG has been dedicated to supporting enforcers by constantly building intelligence on high level counterfeiters and providing virtual training events for front line officers. All this will ease the planning for actions against organised criminal counterfeiters, as soon as the lookdown restrictions are eased. So far, we have provided training for over 400 Trading Standards officers and on British IP day we will be commencing a complementary UK-wide training programme for UK Border Force Officers.

We realise how much our authorities and partners do for us and 1st July gives us the ideal opportunity to announce special achievement awards for those who have worked above and beyond to protect consumers and business from the growing dangers associated with IP crime.

We are therefore pleased to be announcing the enforcement winners of this years' ACG Awards for Excellence in Anti-Counterfeiting later today.

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