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ACG celebrate World IP Day on Sunday

22 April 2020

World IP Day 2020Every year on April 26, ACG joins international partners to celebrate World Intellectual Property (IP) Day.

The aim has always been to help build understanding about the role and value that IP brings in encouraging and fostering innovation and creativity, to benefit citizens and businesses across the world.

This year we face a pandemic that is threatening the lives of our families, friends, and colleagues and it can seem peculiar to some that we are continuing to celebrate IP. The truth is of course is that IP is a major global fuel that drives ingenuity and inspiration, and is providing a basis for medical experts, scientists and technology experts to share their discoveries and developments to find medicines, vaccines and remedies that will help us combat this menacing infection.

We therefore need to look beyond the pandemic and therefore this years' theme for World IP Day is Innovate for a Green Future. The reason being that innovation (and the IP rights that support it) will still be at the heart of efforts to create a green future.

World IP Day will give us the opportunity to celebrate those inspiring inventors and creators who are betting on a greener future. Those working on cleaner alternatives to legacy fossil-fuel-based technologies and better, more sustainable food and natural resource management systems, as well as those who are using the IP system to support their work and its uptake and use in society.

Join us on Sunday in helping to raise awareness of intellectual property and celebrate innovation and creativity.

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