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ACG Conference success

19 October 2018

Another great Conference yesterday from the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG). A perfect mix of expert speakers and new approaches to how to tackle counterfeiting.

It's all about collaboration, partnership and consumer awareness, Phil Lewis, Director General, ACG told delegates.

Here's what else we learnt at Conference this year:

  1. The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is working with partners, such as the ACG, to help protect IP rights Tim Moss, Chief Executive Officer, IPO   
  2. A Brexit Deal means the UK will be treated as a Member State for Free Trade Agreement (FTA) purposes during the implementation period (i.e. until 31 December 2020) and can formally negotiate new trade deals from April 2019. A No Deal won’t weaken IP protection, but treaties will stop from April 2019 and the UK will have to create tailored IP chapters with key markets. There may also be changes to the exhaustion regime e.g. exports to the EU or EEA could be restricted Matt Cope, Deputy Director of IP Enforcement, IPO
  3. ACG is collaborating with enforcement to create some big success stories across the country, including at Cheetham Hill in Manchester Graham Mogg, Intelligence Coordinator, ACG
  4. The Real Deal Online initiative is providing Trading Standards authorities a toolkit to police the ‘administrators’ of selling sites on Facebook and mitigate the threat from the sale of counterfeit and pirated goods online Patricia Lennon, Campaign Manager, Real Deal
  5. We need to stop focusing on retailers and so-called factories in China. Counterfeiters follow the trends and selling online is now the biggest danger. Don’t expect to eradicate counterfeiting, focus on managing it. Cut off sales mechanisms, monitor presence on social sites, take down high volumes and follow up Harley Lewin, Partner, McCarter & English LLP
  6. IP strategies can't ignore today's digital opportunities. It introduces new challenges which need to be considered, such as key words, transliterations, pinyins and abbreviations; artificial intelligence and voice Catrin Turner IP Counsel, Airwair International (Dr. Martens)
  7. IP has fallen down the priority list and now is the time to try to push it back up.  Customs detentions are down. We need to know the routes and how China move goods by land, sea and air. It’s massive Marie Pattullo Senior Trade Marks and Brand Protection Manager, AIM
  8. We need to consider the consumer. Why did they buy counterfeit goods? Young people don't care if a product isn’t genuine any more. In fact they enjoy the thrill of the hunt. They have grown up in a digital world, where 'everything is free' and 'I don’t have to wait for it'. It’s now harder to reach the consumer and encourage them not to buy counterfeits Professor Paurav Shukla Professor of Marketing, University of Essex
  9. Facebook has introduced some specialised IP tools and additional anti-counterfeiting measures. Rights holders can search for brand names across; ads, Marketplace posts and buy/sell groups posts, including private groups and report results that are infringing rights using the new Commerce and Ads IP tool Mark Fiore Director & Associate General Counsel, IP, Facebook, Inc.
  10. The VeRO programme (Verified Rights Owner) from eBay, allows users to directly report a product they believe to be counterfeit when they see it on the platform Julien Dudouit Global IP Brand Manager, eBay Inc.
  11. Amazon’s Brand Registry tool has a search engine for logos and builds brand protection from the details provided by the rights holder. The new Transparency tool available next year, applies a transparency code to a product that can verify a genuine product is being shipped Charles Wright Associate General Counsel, Amazon Marketplace
  12. Alibaba operate three levels of brand protection; notice and take-down, proactive activities and offline enforcement. They have actively collaborated with brands to take legal action against sellers Graham Clemence Senior Director, Global IP Enforcement & Security, Alibaba Group

If you feel you’ve missed out don’t forget to sign up for ACG Conference next year. The dates and more details will soon be posted in the Events area of the ACG website.

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