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ACG Fireside Chat with Mike Roylance

18 June 2021

Today, Director General of the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) Phil Lewis was joined by a long-time colleague and friend Mike Roylance. ACG members and enforcement who have known Mike for years joined Phil for the fourth online fireside chat.

Mike, who retired from adidas at the end of March 2021 started his journey, in a lab coat testing garments for adidas before turning to work in brand protection for 35 years.

Phil and Mike chatted about one of the highlights from his career being the London 2012 Olympics, working alongside the Olympic committee and local authorities to identify counterfeit goods which would impact the games. Mike looked back in fondness over his past years working with adidas who recognised the value of brand protection which helped him to get the job done.

Mike spoke about the lack of resources for both, brands and the policing of counterfeit goods in stopping them entering the country and being sold, and that it takes the right people who are interested in this type of work to be able to see successes. Throughout the chat which lasted less than one hour, Mike praised the work of authorities that he worked alongside (Police, Trading Standards and Border Force) who, from his experience would do anything to help.

From the years of experience Mike has seen the change in counterfeiting, that it is becoming more sophisticated and that the message to consumers about buying fake goods and what they fund will be a continuous mountain to overcome, unless government push counterfeiting on their agenda and make it more of an issue to consumers.

Sean Rovai, from Tower Hamlets Trading Standards wanted to express his thanks to Mike on behalf of Trading Standards across the country “the amount of support you have given, has enabled so many jobs to go ahead and without you it wouldn’t have happened. Mike has done more to foster relationships between authorities and industry than anyone else every has. My job would have been a lot more difficult if it weren’t for you, the support and training you have given has been a tremendous help, so thank you.”

Phil ended the fireside chat by showing his appreciation to Mike who brough people together in both public and private sectors, setting the standard for brand protection and for getting the job done over the years.

You can watch the recording of the Fireside Chat on Youtube here

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