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ACG Protecting Brands Online Roundtable with Shopee Taiwan

13 May 2021

Shopee (Taiwan) met with ACG members today for a roundtable discussion about their new monitoring and take down ecosystem.

ACG members met Operational Associates from Shopee, to discuss their anti-counterfeiting efforts to protect Intellectual Property Right (IPR) infringements in the Taiwan and Southeast Asian Market.

Founded in 2009, Shopee is the biggest mobile ecommerce selling platform, with over 3 million active daily users. Shopee (Taiwan) believe counterfeits have a damaging impact on brand reputation and consumers and will be addressing this is a priority.

ACG members attending the roundtable were offered an in-depth presentation on the new anti-counterfeiting project, which will focus on building an intelligence-sharing system for brand owners and police enforcement, in both an online and offline capacity. Shopee’s project will aim to remove any counterfeit that constitutes a trademark infringement.

ACG Protecting Brands Online Roundtables offer members an opportunity to directly ask (or use ACG as a vehicle to ask) questions or concerns about the platform. On this occasion, some brands’ questions were shared with Shopee ahead of the roundtable and the team responded during their presentation.

This event was the fifth in a series of ACG roundtables, which are provided free of charge for members. ACG is continuing to actively engage with ecommerce platforms and will announce other roundtables later in the year. In the meantime, its members are gathering the contact details and developing the skills they need to best tackle IPR infringements online.

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