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Camden Actions - OP CAYMAN

26 October 2018

Op initiative between ACG and Camden Trading Standards to reduce the availability of counterfeit goods in the area and to raise consumer and business awareness of the dangers of buying and selling counterfeits.

Over the last 3 days Camden TS joined with ACG and member brand reps to raid 8 retail shops in Camden High street seizing thousands of counterfeit products including watches, clothing, footwear, handbags, belts, mobile phone accessories, lighters and potentially unsafe electrical goods and tobacco related products. 

The action created a major disruption to the counterfeit trade in the area with rogue shops closing and traders attempting to hide their illegal goods. 

This action is the first of many for Op Cayman which aims to identify and disrupt the illicit traders and those involved in the entire supply chain. 

Graham Mogg, ACG's Intelligence Coordinator who took part in the raids said:

''ACG and Camden TS have worked together to develop a robust strategy to tackle the illegal trade in counterfeit goods in Camden. Over the last three days we have disrupted this trade, seized thousands of counterfeit goods and gleaned vital intelligence to move the operation to the next level.

Camden trading standards are committed to protecting local businesses and protecting the consumer so our close working relationship allows us both to deliver on our objectives. The sale of counterfeit goods is a serious criminal offence and working in partnership with Trading Standards across the country the ACG is able to promote the benefits of buying genuine products and ensuring that criminals do not benefit financially from this criminal activity''

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