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Don't be ghouled by fake Halloween fancy dress costumes

27 October 2017

Buy real this Halloween

Consumers are being put at risk when they buy fake Halloween costumes and cosmetics.

The risks could involve; fire hazards, poisoning from untested dyes and colourings and suffocation from unsafe packaging. Counterfeit fancy dress clothing and cosmetics are not subjected to the same rigorous safety checks and tests that genuine costumes and makeup have to comply with.

The ACG call on consumers to take extra care and check where they are buying items from this Halloween.

* Only buy goods from a reputable retailers; avoid buying from the 'man in the pub', whose full name you don't know, you have never met before and wont be able to contact again.

* If buying online use websites that you know or have been recommended. If you haven't used the site before do some research beforehand and check blogs or forums for any negative criticism of the seller.

* Make sure you get an itemised and dated receipt which shows the VAT paid and has a VAT registration number. Hand-written receipts should not be acceptable, they could be suspect. If buying online ensure the website address begins ‘https’ at the payment stage – this indicates a secure payment.

* Think twice - be suspicious of prices that are too cheap for famous named goods - they are not likely to be genuine. Also be wary if you are told they are seconds or rejects.

* Check the spelling and grammar on websites and of the URL. Some sites try to deceive you by slightly changing the spelling of a well-known brand or shop in the website address.

* Ask the seller if there is a returns policy or guarantee. Most rogue traders wont offer one.


Don't buy fakes - read more about the #BuyReal campaign at www.ibuyreal.org 

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