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IPO publishes its Corporate Plan 2021-2022

20 May 2021

The Intellectual Property Office in the UK (IPO) has published its annual Corporate Plan for 2021. The plan outlines the organisation’s planned activity and targets for 2021-22. Targets in this year’s plan include:

  • Customers: average overall customer satisfaction with the IPO of 85% or more in Q4 2021-22.
  • Future proofing the IP Framework: consult on changes to patent and copyright law to meet the future challenges and opportunities of artificial intelligence, and present recommendations to ministers by Q4.
  • Efficiency: delivering our services efficiently through continuously improving our systems, processes and way of working to make things better for our customers and our people. Our target is to achieve efficiencies worth at least 3.5% of our core operating costs.

Amanda Solloway, Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, said:

“Unleashing innovation and creativity will be at the heart of the post-pandemic recovery and support British businesses to build back better.

“IP underpins economic growth by incentivising investment, safe-guarding assets and enabling the sharing of know-how in technologies like life sciences and artificial intelligence. IP helps enable Britain to forge an unbeatable competitive advantage, accelerating the transition to Net Zero energy, beating the pandemic, driving up innovation and creativity to build back better.”

IPO CEO Tim Moss said:

“IP touches everything that makes modern life more enjoyable, easier, safer, and more prosperous. It gives researchers, inventors, creators and businesses the confidence to invest their time, energy and money in doing something new.

“We face a once in a generation opportunity to help businesses to recover from the economic shock of Covid-19. Intellectual property is essential to building a better future: IP will enable our creative and technological industries to confidently deliver the economic growth we need. The IPO Corporate Plan sets out how we will contribute to making this happen in 2021-22.”

The IPO Corporate Plan can be viewed on the IPO website

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