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Joint initiative fights back and nets thousands of counterfeits

26 October 2016

Counterfeit bags on saleThe iconic indoor and outdoor markets in Camden and the neighbouring High Street shops, hold a special place in the hearts of thousands of shoppers and tourists that visit every year to take in the diverse and eclectic atmosphere.

Over recent years this atmosphere has been eroded by black market traders: peddling counterfeit and unsafe products to unsuspecting consumers; undermining legitimate trade; and stripping the UK economy of much needed revenue.

Camden’s Trading Standards and Market Development teams, working in partnership with the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) and National Markets Group (NMG), are fighting back with an intelligence-led, multi-agency approach. It has netted tens of thousands of counterfeit and unsafe goods over the last two years and seen traders prosecuted and evicted from shops and market stalls.

Seized counterfeit goodsThe ACG is at the heart of this initiative, sharing intelligence with Trading Standards on active counterfeiters in the area and coordinating the attendance of large numbers of its members (rights owners) and major high street brand representatives to support the authorities on days of action.

In September 2016 a number of shops and market stalls were raided by Camden Trading Standards, the Market Development team and ACG members, leading to the recovery of over 12,000 counterfeit and unsafe items.

This consistent and coordinated approach, building on and enhancing additional enforcement actions by other NMG members has brought about a real change in the area leading to Camden Markets signing the Real Deal charter earlier this year in order to make the markets a safer place for shoppers and legitimate businesses to prosper.

Alison Statham, Director of Operations ACG commented, ‘’This intelligence-led partnership approach to tackle counterfeiting in Camden is paying dividends. Counterfeiters harm legitimate trade, prey on the vulnerable and take money out of the UK economy, much of which funds organised crime and terrorism. We applaud the efforts of the authorities in Camden and through our intelligence coordination role ACG will continue to support these actions.”

About ACG

ACG represents more than 3,000 brands affected by this influx of fakes into the UK and delivers an international network of information, advice and contacts on all aspects of IP protection. Working with Government and law enforcement agencies since 1980, ACG is focused on providing an effective and sustained response to counterfeiting.

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