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Managing the Enablers

24 November 2021

On Tuesday 23 November 2021, the Anti-Counterfeiting Group (ACG) hosted another virtual conference as they continue to bring events to the Intellectual Property (IP) and Brand protection Industries in a world still recovering after the pandemic.

The decision to hold a virtual conference allowed for a range of international speakers with an exciting programme that covered how we can manage the enablers.

The conference started with a welcome and background introduction into the ACG and its intelligence functions and covered topic such as Infringement Strategies where the audience got to delve into the IP Crime Group. The event opened the door to a discussion on the Alternative Methods for Dealing with Enablers, Enablers who Influence looking at an influencer study and their links to selling counterfeit goods.

After a quick lunch break the audience gathered again to hear about the fraud behind the enablers and an exciting insight into Artificial Intelligence and if it is an Enabler or Deterrent. The Conference ended with a real-life case study looking at enforcement on the ground and how they identify the enablers.

The whole conference lasted 4 hours and gave those that tuned in to learn and analyse how global enablers assist in the trade and distribution of counterfeit products. The role they play in assisting the counterfeit supply chain and how to best manage them.

This conference brought together experts from difference industries and sectors to help discover and understand who they are tackling and identifying these enablers.

The ACG want to thank the speakers who took part in the Virtual Conference:

  •          Phil Lewis, Director General, ACG
  •          Graham Mogg, Intelligence Co-Ordinator, ACG
  •          Chris Mills, Director Copyright & IP Enforcement. IPO
  •          Rob Wishart, Regional Coordinator EMEA, CITI
  •          David Shepherd, Senior Lecturer Economic Crime, Southampton University
  •          Erling Vestergaard, IP Enforcement Expert, EUIPO
  •          Michael Levi, Professor of Criminology, University of Cardiff
  •          Phil Page, Head of CenTSA RIT, Birmingham Trading Standards

It was great to see so many on the call on Tuesday and we look forward to next year’s event, which the ACG hopes to be physical.

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