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Latest News - Valentines Day

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£250k haul of dodgy goods seized by cops in Strangeways

22 March 2019

'If you are buying these goods you are helping to fund drug dealing, human trafficking and extortion'

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Trends in Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods

18 March 2019

This study presents an updated quantitative analysis of the value, scope and magnitude of world trade in counterfeit and pirated products.

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Man guilty of selling fake makeup containing 'dangerous' levels of lead and chromium

01 March 2019

Mark Cody, from Blaenavan Close in St Mellons, pleaded guilty last Friday to a string of offences relating to his counterfeiting business which he ran from his home.

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Organised crime & counterfeit goods go hand in hand

20 February 2019

The north-east’s organised crime unit use a range of tactics to disrupt gangs and meet monthly with housing bosses, trading standards chiefs and others to think of ways of making their lives difficult.

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Valentine's. A day of romance... an opportunity for counterfeiters

14 February 2019

Valentine’s Day is approaching a £1 billion industry, with most of our affection shown with gifts and presents.

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Fined for selling counterfeit goods: Dagenham Sunday Market trader who gave customers a bum deal

13 February 2019

Lauren Selby, 28, from Billericay, Essex, flogged the counterfeit designer toilet trainers alongside other fake Chanel accessories on her stall.

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Cyanide warning on counterfeit Valentine's perfumes

11 February 2019

Police are warning shoppers looking for the perfect gift on Valentine's Day to steer clear from fake perfumes after 500 dodgy bottles were found.

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Fake goods epidemic with one in three buying counterfeits when shopping online

07 February 2019

The Mirror can reveal the shocking scale of the fake goods trade - with millions of Brits buying potentially dangerous counterfeit items online.

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Misuse of Small Parcels for Trade in Counterfeit Goods

12 December 2018

A new report out today reveals that more than six out of ten customs seizures of counterfeit or pirated goods are of small parcels sent through postal or courier services.

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